City Hall

  1. i would like to hear from other nurses who work for local city government.


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  3. by   Vicky Morris
    I am responding to your request, because although I dont work for local city government I am intrigued as to what you do there, and would be interested to find out, VEM
  4. by   shudokan-RN
    I have been a home health RN for the reno county health deptfor almost two years now.. I was a circulating Rn in surgery, all specialities, for 5 years I have a now 4 yr old son. I love my job. I work for the county, and primarily w/ older adults.the hours are great,they can be flexible if i need to take time off to be with my son. i dont mind call, (sure beats 18 hours straight in the or),and the benefits are SOOOO much better than at the hospital... I initially took a $1 an hour pay cut, but am now making more than i did after 6 years at the hospital. I would highly recommend my job to anyone