ASN to BSN ROTC programs

  1. Hello everybody! I am about a year away from getting my ASN and am extremely interested in joining the NAVY or AIR FORCE nursing corps. However I am aware that the navy requires a BSN in order to join the nursing corps. Does the air force require the same or can I join with an ASN and a bachelor's degree in another field? And if I do require a BSN do any of you guys know if I can join an ROTC program while in an ASN to BSN program which is only a year to a year and a half long? I know they offer rotc programs for traditional 4 year bsn programs but I don't know about rn to bsn programs and every time I email an rotc program they just refer me back to the website which is extremely frustrating. Any insight will be helpful. Thanks guys!
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    i have the same question, have you had a chance to do anything with it since last year?