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  1. Hello! I'm thinking of doing ROTC at my school and then entering in the nurse corps in the army. I know there are a lot of previous posts about army vs. navy vs. AF. It seems that the AF is the most cushy of them all and army is the least appealling. But in terms of actual training, which is the best?

    Are there any army nurses who can tell me whats it like? If you are not happy about being in the army, how easy is it to transfer to other military branches (like after you serve yoru 3 years, but you have 3 years left of inactive, can you transfer during while inactive?) Or you have to wait until you complete 6-8 years is up?

    Thanks guys!
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  3. by   linnea08
    Did you end up doing ROTC? If so, did you like it and how is being an active duty nurse?