Any insight about VA in Fl and maybe overseas work

  1. I am from Southern Puerto Rico----COMO ESTA YALL. Just kidding I live in Florida and if I actually graduate PN school I want to work for the VA. Any idea which VA is better Lake City or Gainesville. Also once I become a federal employee I've noticed I could get a job as a civilian at an Army post in Italy or even Germany. Has anybody done this? Any good war stories. I am a 45 yr old single male with no kids so as soon as I bridge and become RN and get good skills I think I might want to go to either place. I spent 3 years in Germany in Air Force 81-84. I want to go back. Any insight would be appreciated. This seems to be a realy cool forum. Please to meet yall.
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  3. by   va nurse
    I am currently a VA Nurse in St. Louis. I don't have info. for you about Florida but I'm also interested in transferring overseas to Germany, England, or Japan. I have applied repeatedly but have never heard a word from them. I hope someone answers your question for both of us.