Air Force Nurse Corps

  1. I am applying for the Air Force Nurse Corps (NTP) in July 2018. I will also be completing my RN-BSN in July as well, so I am hopeful to be in the Air Force Nurse Corps. I am looking for anyone already in it to help me gain insight on what it is like. And hopefully advice on my application. My first question is: can you describe the interview process? Was it like a general interview?
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  3. by   jfratian
    New grads are kinda at the mercy of their grades in school, but it sounds like you might have some RN experience??? Hopefully you have a high GPA (like 3.7+). I know that nurses with <1 year of experience have to apply as new grads.

    The interview is a total softball informational meeting. The questions are super common: Why do you want to be in the AF? Are you okay carrying a gun? Are you okay deploying to the desert for 6 months at a time? If you have kids/spouse, what's your plan when you have to leave them for training/deployments? How do you feel about moving every 2-4 years?
  4. by   RNGrad2018
    Hi! I'm applying to NTP this year as well. I graduate with my BSN in May.