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  1. Hey everyone,

    First of all thanks for being so helpful and answering all of my questions! You've been a great help

    I was approached last week by a Captain in the AFROTC program at my school about joining ROTC at my college. It seems like a fantastic idea from what he was telling me. I'm currently a junior and our program is 2-years versus the standard 4-year program. However, I have some questions that he didn't fully answer. If there is anyone that has experience with ROTC and would like to provide some feedback, I'd love to hear it. Negative or positive I'm debating between joining ROTC next semester, or waiting an attempting to direct commission when I graduate!

    1. What are some of the benefits of ROTC over direct commission?
    2. Do you still attend COT after graduation if you join ROTC and participate in Field Training?
    3. Would I definitely commission as a nurse if I join ROTC. (I heard some students saying they didn't get their chosen major upon graduation)
    4. How is the AF with family and such? How would the AF handle a dual couple since my husband is prior service and considering commissioning as well?

    Any other positives or negatives you wish to share with me!

    Thank you to anyone who helps me out! I appreciate your feedback
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