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Government hiring LPN's



was wondering if anyone could tell me if the federal government is really hiring lpn's?

I am not in the military. I would be a civilian. I have checked usa jobs and i see listings, but

i wonder if that is all they are...just listings.

Was wondering if anyone could shed some light .


check the VA hospitals or military hospitals, might require you to actually go to one close to you and talk with the recruiter


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i know of 2 LPNs who have been hired to work at an Army hospital. apply online and then call and speak to the head nurse of the department. it takes time sometimes up to 3 months to be hired on. but i think it helps to call.

jeckrn, BSN, RN

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the local VA where I work hires LPN's. If you are looking military an LPN is an Enlisted soldier, sailor or airman.

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