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This happened to me while working as an brandnew CNA on the night shift in a hospital...

While walking down the hall doing my rounds ie all in bed all here.. I passed two lovely nurses whispering to themselvs and giggling

I smiled but having a heavy load that night quickly finished that round and went to return to my work the next round had to be made in a half hour. on my way down the hall, one of the nurses called out hey hun be sure you check on room such and such. on your next round. I heard her buddy giggle but i was busy so went back to work. at the main desk I saw another aid grabbing a body bag and asked her who passed. she said the same room i had been asked to check out. DIdnt take me long to figure out i was being set up sooooo

walked down the hall during my rounds went right in to room such and such I knew my friends were watching me I closed the door. several minuites later i came out and approached the nurses who could barely keep a straight face and looked them right in the eye with my best really concerned look and said. SHE says she need some pain meds, she is feeling awfull stiff and she doesnt look so hot either....

I have never ever seen two people jump up and run so fast in my life... hee hee hee that was the last time they played that little trick! at least on me!

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