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Got PA RN license w/o fingerprints!

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by jlambirt jlambirt (Member)

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I'm moving to PA in 10 months and just got my Florida license endorsed. It took 7 weeks (website says 2-3 weeks). I had to do the Child Abuse education along with transcripts and license verification.

My concern is fingerprint background checks. Online checks are clear, but fingerprints show charges from my military service 2 years ago. The charges were incorrectly filed and it's going to take years to get it cleared up through appeals boards in Washington D.C. It's all done by mail and each step takes 6-12 months for a response. I have weak documentation showing it's a mistake, but I don't want to be sidelined for several years until it's cleared up.

I can't get a straight answer on Pennsylvania fingerprint requirements. I got my PA license in the mail last week, but heard there's mandatory fingerprints for this Child Abuse law. Do employers do fingerprints, or just online checks like everybody else?

Thanks for the help.

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