Got my Orders! Army Reserves

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This process can take a long time. Over a year for many including me. But I took my oath in March and got my orders today, attached the unit I requested. Really happy with the whole thing. Now to buy my uniforms.....start drilling, and wait for my OBLC date. I will be working hard on improving my PFT, the points go toward promotion and I hope to get Cpt soon. New chapter starting at 52 years old. Life is adventure...


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Congrats Kathy!! It is an exciting adventure. Aren't you glad that age is just a number? :)

Enjoy buying the uniforms. It is best to have someone with you to fetch different sizes and help hold things. I spent a bit over $1000 on Tuesday for mine (Air Force active). oh, and men's sizes work better than women's.



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Congrats!!!! ACUs are universal so size is based on ht/wt. Good luck with everything.

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Which just proves all that garbage about the Feds wanting to save money through the new uniform transition was just that - more garbage....unbelievable.




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Still waiting for my orders to go through. My attachment is the APMC in Atlanta.I signed March 19th. My recruiter told me at least a year for OBLC. How about you? We will probably be in the same. BTW, when do we get to see our constructive credit?



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My orders showed my constructive credit and time in grade. Your command assigns you to OBLC. That, I hear, can take awhile so you drill for awhile if you are a reservist, before BOLC,