Got an offer for a dayshift nurse but was asked to work nightshift

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I newly moved to the US and don't understand what I am going through.

I got an offer for day shift nurse and have been waiting to start working.

First, my start date has been pushed to 6weeks later due to a lack of preceptors. I understand this situation. 

And I got a call yester day and they are asking me to start working nightshift first since they are currently understaffed during night. 

But I don't think it is right to say OK because I was hired day shift nurse and no one know when things will get better. 
And honeslty, I don't think I would have applied if the position was nightshift. 

So I am wondering if this is common and how other nuses think about this.
Please give me any ideas and advice! 

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Sounds like a typical bait and switched practiced by some understaffed hospitals,stay away ,it will not get better.They will abuse you in other ways also once you are hired and working there.Their orientation will be inadequate and responsibilities many.Find something else,good luck.