got hired in southern ca prison, can you apply instead for bay area?

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hi. I just got hired as LVN full time limited term for a southern ca prison. I just saw that there's an opening for full time in the bay area. I would prefer to live there than where I was hired. should I just accept the one in southern ca? is it possible to ask for transfer after a few months? or should I just apply for the bay area now and decline the one in southern ca? would it have a negative effect on my application? will my acceptance in southern ca give me an advantage in applying in the bay area?

glad to here your inputs pls? thanks! :confused:


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I would just pose these questions to the HR of the job you have been selected for. If the same system, they should be willing to transfer your paperwork if there is an opening. Otherwise, they will inform you about where you stand. But if it means the difference between working and not working, looks like you are in for some time in the Southland.



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Can you contact me on my personal email address? I have some questions that I would like to ask you about the hiring process that you recently went through. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Again. I can be reached at Thanks Again:nurse: