good reading material for new Neuroscience RN


I just accepted a position in a Neuroscience CCU, and start in just under 2 months. In that time I would like to brush up on my med knowledge, procedures since many are done bedside, tPA, etc. Are there any books that you found helpful in your experience? I found this one on Amazon (Clinical Practice of Neurological & Neurosurgical Nursing Seventh Edition by Joanne Hickey PhD RN ACNP-BC CNRN F), any input would be helpful.

I am a nurse with 7 years experience in long term acute care. You could equate the experience to step-down or progressive care. Very familiar with vents, stokes after the acute phase, and cardiac drips, but not as familiar with clinical significance of ICP/EVD's, neuro meds, etc. It is one thing to get that history in report, another to experience it on the front end. I at least got to spend a day shadowing, and my nurse had a patient who was on multiple drips, had 2 EVD's, and a Codman just for monitoring. Amazing, fascinating work being performed by these nurses.

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Kiwon Lee's Neuro ICU book and Marino's.

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