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Goldfarb School of Nursing Wait List 2015

by nd311 nd311 (New) New


I recently secured a spot in Goldfarb's program for the summer of 2016.

I am #70 on the wait list for Fall of 2015 and I am #42 on the wait list for Spring of 2016.

Does anyone have good insight on when I will most likely start? And do you have any additional feedback about the program?

Thank You!

I was on the spring waitlist last year and my numbers were bigger than that. I ended up getting in for the summer .. So two terms early.

I also called pretty frequently to see where I was on the list. They go pretty quickly

Even I am on the Wait list for Fall 2015 but I am guaranteed a a space for the next class.

I am wait listed for Spring 2016 (#8) and guaranteed for Summer. Can anyone who was wait listed tell me if they think I have a chance for spring based on their experience?