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Going from Stepdown unit to Endoscopy

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Hi all, this is my first post to Allnurses! :happy:

I've just finished two years on my current floor, which is also my first job out of nursing school. We're a 32 bed PCCU/step down telemetry unit, so lots of heart caths, ablations, pacemakers, afib RVRs on drips, respiratory distress, and other, non-cardiac patients. This past Tuesday with got our first TAVR patient that came straight to us instead of going to critical care first.

While I have loved working on my floor, I'm ready for a change. Yesterday I interviewed for a position in our hospital's endoscopy department, and today I came back to shadow for about four hours. I loved the flow of the unit and the procedures I got to watch and am really excited at the prospect of this job.

My question is this: should I be lucky enough to get this position, what can I do to better prepare myself for the transition from the Heart Center to Endoscopy? I know there will be tons of learning during orientation, but is there anything I could start reviewing ahead of time?

Also, while I expressed my thanks multiple times today for my interview yesterday and letting me shadow today, would it be overkill to send a thank you email basically saying the same thing? Like this:

"I just wanted to thank you again for not only meeting with me yesterday, but also for taking the time to let me shadow today. I really enjoyed getting to observe the flow of the unit and had a great time with ***. Hope you all have a nice weekend"


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This was posted in April. Did you take the position after all? Send your letter? If you took the position, are you happy with it?

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