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Going from NH manager to hospice CM


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Has anyone had any experience going for a skilled nursing home to hospice? What was your job satisfaction before and after? I’m very nervous about the transition, but as many on here, have been experiencing nursing home burn out after 9 years of STNA, lpn and RN. After my BSN in March I plan on going on for FNP to possibly stay in hospice if I love it! 


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Just to think positively, you're already dealing with many of the issues in SNF that that you'll face in hospice. Pts at EOL, families' adjustment (good & bad), service provider interaction, etc. That's a BIG PLUS in my opinion.

Your focus will be different, but in the end, you'll be providing the best care poss for your pts.

vampiregirl, BSN, RN

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I transitioned from SNF management to hospice and love it!

I find that my SNF experience and skill base well prepared me for the field experience of hospice. I was somewhat familiar with hospice philosophy but still had a lot to learn about that. I joined the HPNA and found lots of great resources there in addition to the training I received at hospice. 

I hope you find as much joy and satisfaction in hospice care as I have!