Going from hospital floor RN to MDS


When I graduated college I worked in a LTC facility as floor supervisor RN. Then I Went to a hospital for 3 years as floor nurse; now I was asked to come back to the first nursing home to be a MDS/case coordinator. Any insight into this job?

I'm requesting a job shadow. Monday-Friday day shift would work wonders for our family dynamics instead of my 12 hour shifts with weekends and holidays.

Whats everyones thoughts?!


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If you like detail work & chart auditing you will love it. A different way to take care of your residents; also your work is paramount to reimbursement and should focus on accuracy & working closely with the skilled therapist.

Working a regular schedule is such a blessing for RN's & your family dynamics should soar in happiness & love.

Normally RNs have little left at the end of the day & our family get the left overs.

Good luck

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I was an MDS coordinator after a couple years experience in both acute & LTC. It was a great job. You must be extremely detail oriented, be a leader within your building and work closely with rehab, nursing, billing staff & management. You will probably be a key employee during survey. Can't beat the schedule!