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Going Crazy Waiting!


I am going insane waiting on acceptance/rejection from the ONLY school I applied to. The last email I received (in late March) said that we would know by April 15th. I'm over-analyzing, stalking the mailman/my email, pacing the floor, and making myself nuts waiting.

I'm sure I'm not alone!:eek:


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You're definitely not alone! LOL. Which school did you apply to that you're waiting to hear from? If it's Rio Hondo by any chance you can call and ask them (they also are letting applicants know by the 15th). The 15th is on Monday, so regardless of what school maybe you can call and ask them to see if your name is on the list of selected applicants? Just a thought. Good Luck!! I hope you're in!

Good luck! I hope you get your acceptance letter soon.

I applied to A&M. They won't give information over the phone. It is so unbelievably stressful! Thank you.