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Going Back to School for Nursing BSN

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Hi, I recently graduated from a school with a business degree and have a great paying job with great benefits but keep questioning nursing. I am 25 years old and just often uneasy about the whole situation. I originally went to school being accepted in the nursing program but decided to drop it for certain family reasons and the doubt of making it through. I am not really contemplating going back and started taking prerequisites. Some days I am so certain I want to do this and others I am completely unsure. I feel link the time frame, money, and thought of failing definitely weighs in on the issue and I am unsure if it should be. I am looking at accelerated programs and the total cost of prerequisites, school, living, and any other miscellaneous things bring the total to around $85,000. I understand money is not "everything" but it sure makes the world go around. If anyone has any insight or was in my situation before could you please share some knowledge? Did you feel this way? How did you get through it? Are you going through it right now? Thank you!

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