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2020 goals

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Hi all, 

I made some goals in 2019 around my personal development as a manager and have managed to keep most them.

- blocking out time for lunch each day (probably achieving 4/5 days which is a massive improvement on 2018)

- entrust my ANUMs more with issues (achieving this with all but 1 ANUM)

- Developing a precptorship model for new grads (100% achieved, mirroring rosters for 6 weeks. I don't have 12 week orientation that many in the US have. )

Goals for 2020

- Leave on time more days than not

- Stop writing important things on my hand or post it notes.  Get it into a notebook or app.

- Development of my middle group of nurses- not the ANUMs or grads but those in the middle - leadership opportunities or education or projects. 

- get experience covering my bosses role or someone similar. 


What about you?

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