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Give me a Pep Talk

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Let me first say that I love this site and I am so grateful for each of you.

Im interviewing for a position on a medical unit tomorrow, which will be the exact opposite of child/adolescent psych. I've been casually looking at positions and the time has come for me to stop waiting around for things to happen and just do it! I like my job most days but miss working with my hands and with bodies and IV's.

Im worried that if I get the job, everyone will be mean and I will hate it or kill someone, or that my old coworkers will disown me completely even though I'm staying casual there. I'm going from advanced babysitting day/eve to super sick pts on night shift. Has anyone left their "pretty good" job to find something they really loved? I need a little validation that I'll be okay!

Hey, I like the title of this thread....so direct, and I hope some positive vibes come your way! I think is great and brave of you to step out of your comfort zone for something more challenging! I say go for it! I have only worked at Skilled Nursing Home, and trying to find my niche as well! I hope you get the job, I'm sending you some positive energy![emoji106][emoji4]

I'm sure more people will give you a pep talk when they wake up! Lol, I hope they can give me some encouragement,also! I love this site, too![emoji5]️


Has 2 years experience.

Thank you so much! Yes, I like to be direct and honest í ½í¹‚

Trust me, I know what it's like to wanna find something better or more suitable for you. I'm having that problem now! My obstacle may be my lack of experience (only a couple years) that is keeping me from getting another job offer! So, I am really cheering for you! Hopefully I will find something other than another SNF or LTAC . The patients were the sweetest, but it's time that I find another area of nursing. Let us know how your interview goes!!!! [emoji108][emoji541][emoji5]️a Good Luck!


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I recommend using some of your psych skills (I know you have some!) and look at your thinking errors. Does every person switching to a new speciality hate their job, or worse, kill someone? If this is not the norm, why would you expect this fate?

Speaking of therapeutic technique, try pretending that a client was in your shoes. How would you advise him or her? Would you say "you are right, you are going to fail big time," or would you suggest they brush up on procedure You Tube videos and revisit textbook chapters to brush up on your new patient population?

I have changed fields three times (psych--OR--where I am now which I will not disclose because it is a tiny field). Each time has been arduous, but no I have never killed someone or been fired. You can do this!


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