not getting 75% on saunders practice tests

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i am worried that i might fail nclex because i am not getting the 75% passing on each practice tests of saunders. suzanne's plan include maintaining a 75% score, right?. my grades just ranges from 65-70% then my highest score was 82 and lowest was 66%.. :banghead::banghead::banghead:



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thats okay. just try study harder. ive heard of someone just getting 50% on saunders and passed. =)


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Is this with the 4th edition CD practice test? I am only on step 1 of her program, and this is just reviewing in the book, at the end of each chapter.


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i was getting the same sometimes higher sometimes lower. i made sure to look at the questions to understand why i selected the answers i did. i look at the right and the wrong. then i look at the rationales why the answer is right. and if i still dont get it i went back and read about it. this especially helps if your guessed or you were between two answers. just take your time to do the questions.



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my scores only ranged from 67-78%. i passed the test with 75 questions. have a little faith in yourself:nurse:


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People have posted that they passed even with low scores on their practice exams. It is more important that you focus on the rationales to the answers than on the precise percentage you have been getting. Good luck.

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