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getting RN office job

hi - i recently graduated nursing school and dont enjoy the hospital setting - so i would like to get a job in a doctors office(pay isnt important to me - i just dont want to work in the hospital.. too many bad experiences). i recently moved to a new area so i have no connections. what is the best way to approach getting an office job- i know they are so busy during the day - should i call and ask if they are hiring RN's? should i come in and give my resume in person? thank you in advance for your help!!

kstec specializes in Geriatrics/Family Practice.

I posted a response in your other thread in regards to getting into a doctors office. Good Luck in your search.

If I were you I would look in the want ads and in all the usual employment internet sites like monster, careerbuilder, and others and look for the ads for office nurses that state "will train". I have been seeing a lot of these ads, usually for specialty practices. Good luck in your job search.

PedsRNBSN specializes in Peds, outpatient, ICU, ophthalmology.

PM me and I will be glad to help you. What area do you live in?

I'm looking for an office job as well, I'm in PA, Bucks county area. Good luck.

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