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Getting into nursing school(NC) with misdemeanor?

So here is my current situation,

Back in April (I was 20), I was really dumb and stole a $14 pair of shorts from JC Penny. I have no previous charges and I have court in a couple weeks. I will most likely get convicted since I did it and admitted to it at the scene.

Im not looking for legal advise but I wanted to know if anyone has experience with getting into nursing school and getting their RN with a misdemeanor on their record? (Particularly in North Carolina)

I'm applying to cape fear community college and Brunswick community college and at the information session at CFCC, they said that all the clinical sites have to approve of the students entering in their facilities and do a background check (eek!)

Any hope for me?

oh and I'm currently working at the major hospital in town as a CNA!


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