getting into Nurse practitioner school with a low gpa

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Hi, I am very concerned about getting into nurse practitioner school. I graduated from from a high-reputable university- university of miami in a accelerated nurse program but since it was horribly hard- my bsn GPA is a 2.5. I know its really bad, i'm ashamed of it. It was a really fast paced hard program all in one year. However, my undergraduate GPA for biology was a 3.6. I am SOO WORRIED I will not get into a nurse practitioner program. I wanted to go for any online program- that way my options are open to any program in America and therefore will have a higher chance of getting accepted into one.

1. Is there any college that you know of NP program that I can get accepted into with my gpas.

2. do NP programs look at the average of undergraduate science GPA and bsn accelerated program gpa or just the bsn gpa for admission requirements?

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