Getting a job in Northern Cali?


Hi all,

I currently work for a trauma hospital in Michigan on a high acuity medical floor. I have about 6 months of work experience and will be working there for at least 1 year. I am re-locating to California to live with my husband and soon I will start searching for jobs. I know I need my RN California license first. My question to all those working in top institutions or anywhere, such as Stanford Health, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter, etc., what will increase my chances of getting a job? I've heard it's a difficult, competitive market in California.

So far, I have the work experience. Should I start volunteering, or attend more conferences to boost my resume? How did you get your job if you recently were hired?

Appreciate the help. Thanks.

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I'm sorry, I noticed this has been up for awhile without an answer. What part of northern California will you be moving to? What education do you have? Do you have any certifications?


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Did you get an answer? Student Nursing was the way for myself and classmates.

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Sutter Coast in Crescent City is different from Sutter Memorial and all the other Sacramento hospitals. Do you want Redding or Chico or where? If you haven't applied for your license yet do it now it takes 3 months.