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Getting hired from final placement?

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by YoursNursingly YoursNursingly (Member)

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Hi everyone!

It seems there are not too many new grad initiatives out, just wondering how many people got hired from their final placement?

How many shifts of orientation is usually given without new grad initiative?

- Sincerely a nervous new grad

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Silverdragon102 has 30 years experience as a BSN and works as a Registered Nurse.

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Which province are we looking at?

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theRPN2b works as a RPN.

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I'm in Ontario and I got hired by my final placement when I finished my consolidation there, so it was my first nursing job. This was early 2016, I was hired into a new grad initiative position (this is when there were still more of those positions around,but sadly they are diminishing)

But it is possible that you can get hired into a casual position by your final placement, I work with several people who have. While doing your final placement, introduce yourself to the ward/facility's manager and express your interest in wanting to work there, ask for their email and follow up with them once you pass your registration exam and get your licence.

As for orientation shifts, it varies. I work on an acute medicine floor and externally hired new grads will get 7 orientation shifts (5 days and 2 nights) plus a week of corporate orientation. This varies between facilities and between specialties (highly specialized areas like ICU/ER/NICU will have a longer orientation)

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