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getting cna for free possible (broward)

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hello, I am currently taking prerequisites. I'm not 100% nursing is for me.


has anyone been able to obtain their cna for free through a nursing home to get experience?(without fin aid) I am currently using finaid to get through prereqs. I have also considered dental hygiene, med lab tech, and sonography., and most of the prereqs are the same for all of these, save one or 2 classes.


I am in the fort lauderdale area if anyone has recommendations.

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Missingyou has 20 years experience as a CNA and specializes in Long term care.

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Florida seems like a place where the demand for Cna is high. 

I was able to be reimbursed for my CNA training by the state after I started working.

There are still places where they provide free training with a time commitment to work for them ..in facilities with high demand for cna s.

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