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Getting into ADN BSN bridge program with two C's?


Hey there! I'm having an incredible amount of anxiety over the fact that I will receive a C in Physio this semester.. I have a 3.0 GPA but got a C in sociology last term.. I have 16 credits to go before I can apply for my schools ADN program.. the way our system works (on lottery) I know I'll qualify to apply and get into the program eventually( it's a 2 year wait) im scared that I won't be able to get into a BSN program after I finish my ADN though because of these two C's! I can't retake these classes either at my school.. (you can only retake classes that you ended up getting a D or F in) is there any hope for me?? I'm in California.. Any advice would be so appreciated! I'm working so hard, but feel like I'm just not good enough.. I want to be a nurse more than anything!


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Hope members can provide advice soon.