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Get tough call after nurse is attacked

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Get tough call after nurse is attacked

24 July 2004

OMAGH Hospital campaigner and Independent MLA, Dr Kieran Deeny, has declared his support for tougher penalties for those convicted of attacking NHS staff.

"Health care professionals are feeling more and more vulnerable given the increased instances of attacks on those whose job it is to care for the sick and injured.

"I support a tougher stand against those involved in such attacks, so that a clear message is sent out that violence of this nature will not be tolerated."

Dr Deeney was speaking after a Portadown man was given a two-month suspended jail term for punching a staff nurse at Craigavon Area Hospital.

William Weir (23), of Ripley Terrace, punched the nurse in the chest with a clenched fist as she watched over him following his attendance at the hospital on October 16 last year.

Yesterday's Portadown Court was told that Weir was found on the grounds of the hospital after the attack which left the nurse suffering from minor injuries and trauma.

Resident Magistrate Alan White said that the community quite rightly expects such attacks to be treated very seriously by the courts.

Weir's solicitor said his client felt appalled about what he had done, and said his client was suffering from mental illness. Weir, he said, had no recollection of the incident.

Describing the defendant's actions as a disgrace, Mr White said the nurse had received an awful shock after she was attacked by the accident and emergency patient.

The magistrate imposed a two-month jail term, suspended for two years, and ordered Weir to pay £300 in compensation to his victim.


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