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Gestational Diabetes


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Have any of you ever seen or heard of a pt. with gestational diabetes go into a coma?

If so, under what specific circumstances? Thanks.

psalm, RN

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a diabetic coma?

Yes. Or any coma.


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I have never heard of this but I guess anything can happen. I would think that a gestational diabetic would be prone to all the complications that any diabetic would, including diabetic coma.

I'm not in the L&D, Im in a NICU, but I would imagine that a gestational diabetic mom going into coma could be from the diabetes, or something unrelated. It would depend on the specific circumstances.


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Well a person can fall into a coma either as a consequence of severe hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, leading to ketoacidosis. Often in ketoacidosis, the sufferer's resper's will been seen as high as 40-60 per min or greater as she tries to blow off carbon dioxide, her body attempting to achieve homeostasis.

Which case are you speaking of? Most likely it's as a result of out-of-control diabetic hyperglycemia and resulting ketoacidosis. There is so much more to discuss, but I want to know what it is you are asking.

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