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Germanna Vs VCU

by 4x4EMT 4x4EMT (New) New

Hi Everyone! Thank you for checking this out, I have a few questions. I recently moved here and have applied to Germanna, VCU, and Marymount. I have a previous bachelors and want to continue with Nursing.

First, has anyone applied for Spring 15 for Germanna? Any idea when letters are supposed to go out? I heard classes start Jan 12th 2015.

Second, any idea when letters for VCU Summer 15 session goes out? I know that's a long ways away but I am trying to weigh my options. Germanna is cheaper and starts sooner, VCU offers BSN and is accelerated for previous bachelors.

Third, any understanding of the UMW and Germanna dual or bridge option? We just moved here a few months ago and I started all of my applications a week before everything was due, so I'm finally getting to research the different programs. My husband is Active Duty Army, so we never really know what is going on.

Thank you so much for any information and best of luck in your endeavors!

Letters for Germanna usually go out in February/March. Their program starts in the summer or it did when I went there. Don't know anything about the other ones.