What is the difference?

  1. I am a German Nurse and we don't have this difference in Nurses like you have in USA(i.e. RN,LN...)Could somebody explain the difference to me and what all different nurses you have in the States?It is kind of confusing for me to know what the different nurses are doing,I know from reading the bulliting board the we do the same work and have the same problems.Please help to get smarter*g*.
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  3. by   Dayannight
    The main difference is that the RN (Registered Nurse) has had more education than an LVN or LPN (Licensed Vocational Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse are both the same, the designation depends on which state one lives in), therefore, the RN has a broader scope of practice.

    For example, an LVN who is IV certified (some aren't), may start peripheral IV's and do maintainence of IV fluids, but may not administer IV medications nor do flushes of central lines and or PICC lines. The RN does all this plus administer IV medications.

    There are some other differences, but what it all comes down to is education. Hope this helps.