Verbal Orders Signed

  1. Does anyone have a way to get physicians to sign verbal or phone orders within the 48
    hour time limit imposed by the state and HCFA? and 7 day for physician assistant cosigning? Any policy or procedure would be helpful
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  3. by   Nancy1
    We have tried faxing the order to the office. I will tell you we have not been real successful with that. I have heard of a facility that has one person delegated to drive around to the MD offices to get the paperwork signed.
    My organization is working with a consultant on corporate compliance and this is one of the first issues we are focussing on. I will keep in touch. NA
  4. by   lilypad
    The suggestion to FAX the order to the doctors office is usually successful. I would recommend that if you have continued problems with physicians not signing verbal orders that you consider encouraging your facility to develop a policy regarding limiting the physicians priviledges at the facility until all orders have been signed.