Uniforms and your appearance

  1. O.K. this is starting to bug me so I have to vent and see if there are any other nurses out there who thing like me. I believe your uniform and how you present yourself says alot about who you are, how you do your job, and what you think about your career. In the past few months I've seen CNA's in shorts (well above the so called 3 inches above their knees), nurses in shorts and nurses with sunglasses on their heads for their entire shifts.

    Maybe my views stem from 8 years in the Air Force or maybe it's just that I'm being fussy.....what do you all think?

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  3. by   herecomestrouble
    low rider pants with thongs showing,tight v-neck tops down to the bra line and belly shirts with belly button rings showing.Street clothes,sandals,flip flops and in one case bedroom slippers.What the **** were you thinking when you got dressed for work???!!!
  4. by   AlabamaBelle
    I'm not sure if this is a generational thing or what....I was raised to put your best foot/face forward, especially at work. I've worked in ultra conservative non-nursing fields where extreme professionalism was expected.

    I'm not sure how low rise pants or pants with the elastic flipped down and short, spray painted on tops with vee's down to you know where could ever be considered professional. These are my personal pet peeves. If I can see any of your midriff, that's too much and best left for "clubbing."

    I have been teased alot for "looking so fresh & pressed at the end of shift." One of our ANM's overheard and explained (before I could) that I started my shift with pressed clothing, so therefore, I could look that way at the end. Many hoots over "permanent pressed" and how could I be so silly....Oh, well. I take a lot of pride in my appearance and consider being neat and well pressed part of professionalism.

    I'll get off my soapbox before I really get going.

  5. by   JailRN
    well, I remember when we tried to starch our caps and ended up messing them up--thank God there was (I'm not kidding), a Chinese laundry in town that did a wonderful job....now, I'm in a jail--I wear black scrubs, and black swat boots, (even though I'm a girl)--comfortable, safe, and they don't show the fingerprint ink
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  6. by   AlabamaBelle
    Well, I think I'd have to draw the line against starching a cap - somethings I just won't press. So glad we don't have to wear the things. Mine wouldn't last 5 minutes. We actually had a gal in school who tried to get a petition to return to the "old fashioned" type uniforms complete with apron and cap.

    Sure wish I could wear black pants - those ink stains and various other yuckies! Not to mention white pants do nothing for the rear view.

    PS - I must admit to ironing my kids' playclothes
  7. by   marjoriemac
    My manager used to wear slippers, I've also seen nurses wear flip flops, patterned stockings, jogging bottoms. I think we should always look tidy and neat. I'm all for a bit of individualism but only when it doesn't give off a 'I just rolled out of bed into work' look. If you want to be individual, get a nice bobble, patterned socks or a colourful fob but don't look like a tramp!
  8. by   nn58
    i agree people need to look in the mirror before they walk out the door. I also have a problem with the nurse who have 10 earings all the way up their ears, but don't look at the condition of their shoes. we need to look and act like professionals or we will not be treated as such. Perception is reality!
  9. by   Jo Dirt
    Since I work in private duty it is very casual and I usually wear scrubs and go barefoot around the house because that is most comfortable to me. We do have a nurse who was coming in Daisy Dukes (and she is bigger than me--I'm 5'2" 210 pounds) but she was told not to wear them anymore...I'm all for being laid back and comfortable but that was just....tacky.

    If I was to work in a public setting (which may have to happen in the near future) I would wear neat clean scrubs and nice shoes, but with my short dumpy frame I always look sloppy no matter how nice my clothes are; the clothes may fit one way but they will be way too big the other (I have a very large chest for my build) and the clothes hang off me and are too long.
    And I am in a constant battle with my husband over my hair. It looks 100x better short but he doesn't see it that way.

    I might have to go find a job in a prison. I love combat boots (I used to wear them with dresses) and wearing black. I'll bet that would look kind of hip.
  10. by   SuesquatchRN
    Permanent Press still needs pressing. Thank goodness, not a spray bottle with water and starch as in days of yore, but a touch up, particularly along wrinkly seams!

    It's definitely generational. My 45+ co-workers and I all look fresh and neat - and the A&O residents tell us that.
  11. by   nightmare
    Navy trousers,navy tunic with white stripe at the collar and cuffs ,black shoes and socks(Except mine are "SouthPark"or "Simpsons"!).
  12. by   EmeraldMom76
    I iron my scrubs, and make sure my hair is neatly pulled back. It just looks more professional and I think people are more likely to think you know what you are doing if you look well put together, yanno?
  13. by   JentheRN05
    Well - I'm speaking for myself here, (please don't flame me). I don't wear tacky high cut or low cut tops (not intentionally, some times when I have things tailored, then they end up a little big). I have big breasts, no if ands or buts about it. So all of my tops are usually bigger around the top and too long. Not much I can do, because it's the way they are made (otherwise they don't fit), and I can't afford to always have my tops tailor made.
    I dye my hair unusual colors (currently bleach blond with burgundy underneath), and I have my nose pierced (usually wear a hideit nose ring though).
    I do not know how to iron, grew up with a nurse who never ironed her clothes, we still look neat.
    It's your personality that counts, what people see on the outside doesn't show the quality of the person on the inside. Sometimes I like to bring the personality through to the outside. People see me as a friendly likable person. If you were to ask any of my patients, (at any point) they would all tell you so.
    You do not have to dress the part to play the part. I believe that you are who you show you are, not what you wear or how you wear it.
    I don't agree with 20 somethings showing belly rings at work (I have one - don't show it), I don't agree with low cut pants or tops (not in a longshot), but I do believe in showing your personality.
  14. by   agent66
    our hospital had started reinforcing the uniform policy which was always there but never really enforced since most of the "old school" managers/headnurses were gone. The young girls did need a kick in the pants so to speak , with the thongs popping out the bottom end , and the boobs popping out the top end which was great for our brady, pre-pacer patients but not so great for the post-op with high rate control issues. LOL. Common sense is the main thing, as someone else said if you look like your're clubbing then darlin, you got the wrong ensemble on for work. I am no prude but there is a place for tight pants and low cut shirts, and in a health care setting while trying to be recognized as professionals is not the place. Of course there are still a few older gals who forget not to wear floral undies under the white pants as well so....