Short staffed!

  1. There has been a lot of turnover in my LTC facility, particularly with licensed nurses. Often we are already "short" a med nurse, so instead of 25 patients each we will have 30-35 for med pass. Med nurses are getting burnt out, so one more calls in sick, so the treatment nurse gets pulled to do meds and we have to do med pass AND wound care.
    We just finished survey two weeks ago...during survey we were short staffed. The ADON was made RN supervisor and the DSD passed meds for two days during survey so we would not be short.
    Now that survey is over, we are back to being short every day. It leads me to wonder, what happens at *your* facility when short staffed? Does management help out frequently in times of need? Or do they only step up during survey like at my facility? Because heaven forbid they have to work on a weekend to help out!!! ((Annoying....)
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