Quality Measures Another Layer

  1. For all the MDS cord. The onion has developed another layer called QUALITY MEASURES, the core of the onion being the MDS, and the layer next to the core being Quality indicators. Does anyone have an opinion or suggestions r/t the QM. THe risk factors, the delirium, the walking 5-14 days, pain managment. Stop my head is spinning. I just want to do my assessment and give the patient the best POC. I feel like a lizard, looking out of both my eyes in too many directions, and to top it the onion is making me cry!!!!!!!!! TEX
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  3. by   bandaidexpert
    I am with you tex! I have spent alot of time on the CMS site and I get confused every visit. There is a webcast you can register for that is supposed to clarify stuff. You can access and register at
    www.cms.internetstreaming.com. The webcast is December 13th from 1-3pm. I reckon' I don't have nothin' to lose.