Quality Indicators

  1. Have you found the Quality Indicators to be a useful tool in your facility?

    Do you feel that the Quality Indicators have been used by the surveyors to target specific areas in your facility?

    Which quality indicators are you struggling the most with?

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  3. by   Mrs.May
    We used the Q.I. prior to our state survey last year. We did better than we have done in awhile. As we wait for our survey this year-I feel it will go smooth d/t the fact we have covered all the Q.I. and know our weakness and strenghts. yes the survey team did look at all our
  4. by   freddy
    Yes, I think the surveyors use Q.I. reports. I think surveyors know exactly what they will be looking for before they walk into a facility based on these reports.
  5. by   reylem
    Quality Indicators does help us identify our weak areas. We are struggling with Falls
    because we have such a high percentage of this in our facility. We have care plans in place, revisions to care plan interventions, rehab screen/evals and all measures that we can think of. We are trying our best to prevent falls but problem persists.
    God bless us survey time!