1. An opportunity to volunteer as an ombudsman at the local long term care facility for the County Office of the Aging was brought to me today.

    I am not quite sure what they do-or if this would be a good oppotunity.

    If after graduation I tried to get a job at one of these facilities-would it hurt that I was once there as an ombudsman?

    Any insight in greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   Harleygirl
    What I have seen from our ombudsman is that they come and talk with the residents and ask them basically if they are happy in the facility and if they have any complaints. In Iowa, our ombudsmans are employed by the state of Iowa and are regarded the same as state surveyors when they are in your facility. They are truly patient advocates.
  4. by   BurnBaby06
    Thank you Harleygirl! Do you think that LTC would see this as a positive or negative on a resume? I mean, it should be a positive, but I would think that to someone on the top of the food chain, just knowing I have eduation & training in that speciality might be a bit nerve wracking...