Offrered RN Supervisor on night shift

  1. I was offered a a night Nursing Supervisor position in a LTC/rehab facility.
    Pay is $28.00 an hr. What should I expect with this job? Mandating staff?
    Disciplining? Any experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    It all depends on the size of your building etc. Will you be the only RN? At the last place I was 200 beds, the Supervisor was an RN each unit had an LPN or sometimes RN for 50 beds. The unit nurses did all hands on care, unless help was needed. RN would do the IVs etc that the lpns couldn't do, help out with transfers, emergencies. Walk the units and monitor care but mostly took care of paperwork in their office. If there were staffing situations the super would take care of it, ie mandating or disciplining.

    Ask for a job description.
  4. by   bargainhound
    Yes, ask employer for what is expected.

    I hope you enjoy your new role!
  5. by   Elektra6
    Help the RNs/LPNs who are taking care of the units, dealing with call-outs for AM shift, supervising staff, dealing with emergency situations.