need ideas or handouts to give my first infection control inservice

  1. I am fairly new ADON at a long term care facility and I am giving my first inservice on infection control next week. I would love to find some good ideas, teaching tools, handouts, etc. on this topic. I don't have very much of the previous ADONs literature and I really want some visual aids to go along with basic stuff. If anyone has any thoughts or literature I would greatly appreciate it! I have searched the internet and found a few things, but there doesn't seem to be much free stuff (I'm on a tight budget). Please help!
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  3. by   panurse101
    do you have a glo germ? that always seems to be fun, and interesting. there was another idea with fingerpaint.. on this web site. it was quite a while ago, or look in the nurse educator site on
    i am an rn, that 3 years ago, became an inservice director, staff dev, risk manager, and infection control.
    i found a good jeopardy game for ltc inservicing, we have also had staff, throw darts and bust balloons and they got to answer the question in the balloon. Good Luck to you, Tracy