MDS: Oral(nutritional), Dehydration, Dental

  1. Another Question for you MDS cord: Does your Dietary discipline complete these sections of your MDS/RAPS/Careplan? Thank you for your input. Tex
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  3. by   GeorgieGirl
    Our dietary only does the nutrition RAP/ MDS section K/ POC problem. MDS nurse does Section L & dehydration RAP / POC.
  4. by   kdhnursern
    IF we had a certified dietary manager, I would have him/her complete the oral (nutrion) section. But our dietary manager is still going to school and I am doing his part. This has been a sore spot for me since the certified manager left over a year ago!!
  5. by   bandaidexpert
    Hey tex, our CDM does section K only. I do dehydration, feeding tubes and dental.
  6. by   tex
    Just getting different views. When I went to a state meeting, several surveyors stated that these are the sections most commonly done in NC. But as I live and breath, I am getting to the point that the state is saying, do as I say, not as I do. Thanks again Tex