LVN to MDS Coordinator

  1. im a new LVN grad and i was just wondering and maybe ill consider this in the future to be an MDS coordinator. i know its mostly paperwork. but as an LVN, i wouldnt mind being on the floor and get in touch with my patients since this will be a good backbone for me if i become an RN....

    ..... but, is there any course or class to study to be an MDS coordinator?
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  3. by   suebird3
    I moved your post to a more appropriate forum for more responses.

    Our new MDS coordinator learned "on the job", and has one of our consultants help her.

  4. by   jaimemds
    Most areas have seminars that you can attend to learn the basics. AANAC is also a great resource for MDS coordinators. It costs 110/yr. Knowing the pts. when you first take the job is awesome, but don't forget that resident turnover in LTC is high, so don't rely on knowing all of them for long.