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  1. Anyone from California!!! I just learned that Certified nursing assistants in California are able to take their test in spanish if they don't understand English. Once they have their certificate they are eligible to be hired. The problem is they can't do their ADL charting accurately because they can't read it. This disturbs me that the State does this. Has anyone else ran into this?
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  3. by   ShandyLynnRN
    But even with EOE, wouldn't the potential employers think it NOT prudent to hire someone who ultimately CAN'T do the work? Maybe there are facilities that have spanish paperwork???

    I think if they can do the physical part of the job, and understand their duties that sure, they should be able to be certified! But if they want a job, then they either need to learn the language or find an employer who has spanish paperwork available, as well as spanish speaking patients, since communication is a vital part of nursing!

    They would be a great asset if they could learn english, and then be cross trained as an interpreter.