Consolidation of Managers

  1. We are changing to nurse manager system from head nurses, but yet receiving vague answers to legitimate questions on increased duties and pay scale to be expected. For those not promoted, but "demoted" to staff nurse, what would be a realistic pay cut?

    Any ideas on 24 hour accountability changes becoming real vs. just theory, and other pitfalls of such changes (staffing be section, but possible union reluctance to change seniority rights in time off, etc.) would be welcome.
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  3. by   theleader
    When I took a mangement position, my wages increased approxmately 1.50 per hour plus an educational benefit. When I started managing two depts. my wages went up another 2.00 per hour. I don't think it's enough because i have to be available 24 hours a day for both dept. If you have good nurses who are responsible and accountable, offer them some additional responsibilities in exchange for a lesser pay cut. Ideas that i would like to implement are, having someone cover staffing so I can take some uninterupted time off, help with scheduling, admissions coordinator for our LTC.