Another question regarding job hire- AL

  1. I have never had this situation to arise before and wonder if its common.
    I am a new hire at AL facility. When I was presented with the employee paper-work, there is a waiver that reads something like this.
    If you quit during the first 90 days, they have a right to only pay you minimum wage on your last check. They also have a right to with-hold any money spent on you pre-hire, which includes a physical, drug screen, back-ground check, CXR, training time ...ect ect. All totally about $175.00.
    I went ahead and signed the form because I didn't feel I had much choice other than not take the job, although I didn't really feel good about it.
    For one thing, in my interview, I was never informed of such a policy.
    I understand the theory, it costs a lot to train and hire someone and have them quit a couple days later, but I've never had this happen before.
    It is unusual ?
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