Advice Needed re: licence

  1. Im considering taking a position in an assisted living facility and was wondering if anyone knew whether the med aids operate under my RN licence, and if so, how does that work??
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  3. by   TiggerBelly
    I worked as a med tech in Assisted Living and from what I was told we worked under our LPN's license. If we messed something up (not signing the MARs, not following up on PRNs, miscounted narcs etc) and if the state inspector caught it, she was the one the got in trouble.
  4. by   Simba&NalasMom
    Check with your own state board. Med aides in some states work under their own licenses.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Medication aides and medication techs are regarded as UAPs (unlicensed assistive personnel), as they do not possess licensure. They possess certification, but they still are working under someone's license. All UAPs work under the license of a specific person.