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Georgia Southern University spring 2015



Anyone who applied for spring 2015 at Georgia Southern University.......

Hi! I applied for Fall 2014 and got in .. less than 3 weeks before I start. Good luck!

Cogratulations !!!Good luck to you too..

Congratulations!! Nursing school is a challenge but well worth it!

Hi patiently-waiting do you know when they will be sending out acceptance or rejection letters. Thanks and good luck on your first semester.

Hi I just applied for spring semester. I am very nervous I have a 3.49. It would of been a 3.57 if I hadn't taken pathophysiology over the summer. I know that most people say spring is easier to get into and it just depends on the GPA average of students who applied so Im hoping mostly 3.4-3.5 applied! A girl I know that got in last spring she said she know people who got accepted in the spring with a 3.4, so that gives me a little hope. I did also hear the essay was important too. What was your GPA?

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