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Georgia southern university spring 2015


Hello everyone .Anyone who applying to Georgia Southern University for spring 2015 BSN

I applied! I am SO nervous, but if it's meant to be, it will be! :)

Hi shorty93 do you know when they will let us know if we are accepted or rejected...good luck

I know last fall for spring admission, I think most people heard back around the end of October beginning of November

I'm sorry I gave the wrong information my advisor said mid to late September we will know.

Thank you for the update bm05169

You are welcome. I asked on the other post what your GPA was? Im am just trying to see what some peoples GPA is to get a look of what the applicant pool may be like for this spring.

my GPA is 3.50 and my hesi is 92 .and what is yours

It's a 3.49 hesi 89...have you spoken to anyone else and got their GPA's?

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No I havent ....have you

not really...one girl I know said someone in her class who applied had a 3.5 but thats it.


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I applied, but I don't know if I will get in. It's so competitive that I just decided to apply to AASU. We're all competing for a whopping 40 spots (because 10 of the 50 are guaranteed to ROTC students) so I'm not very hopeful. AASU has 80 spots at least, but I feel like you have to jump through hoops just to apply to theirs. You apply to the school, take the TEAS (which is double the cost of the HESI), pay to apply to the program, and then pay almost $200 for them to "hold your seat." Woah! Hopefully we hear back from GSU soon before I dump all that money into them.

What's your GPA? I know each applicant pool differs because they go by the average GPA. I wanted to apply to AASU too but I see that you have to have statistics and I haven't taken statistics yet. But wow that is a lot of money!


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I have a 3.5 because I worked full-time through the majority of my classes so I didn't study as much as I should've.

I didn't think you had to have the STAT before applying do you? If so, I may as well not waste my time or money because I haven't had it either since we don't require it. I hear the TEAS V is way, WAAAAY harder than what we had to do on the HESI.

Yes we do have to have statistics I just asked 2 people who got into Armstrong this fall and they both said yes. And I hate that because now if i don't get in I will have to wait a whole semester. I really don't want to take the Teas...I did hear it was harder plus I tried the practice questions and they were hard. But I'm trying not to get discouraged because even though it may seem like alot of people in your class have a 3.8-3.9 that's only a small percentage and there are other factors that can weigh in on getting accepted. Let's just hope everyone else's GPAs are around a 3.5 or less. :)


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Yeah, I called today and they told me STAT must be done first. BLAH. >> lol. In all honesty, I don't want to go to AASU anyway; it's only a back-up plan. We'll see what happens!