Took the NCLEX today!

  1. WOAH! That was a really hard exam. I have no idea if I passed or not, 75 questions. I couldn't tell if I was doing well or not. The answers they gave to choose from all had strong points but I tried to narrow it down. No med math which was weird and I will know on Friday at 9am. so far all in my class have passed which is about a third of us so, I just need to keep busy til Friday but its already torture. Hoping for the best.
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  3. by   smn2010
    ...haven't heard back from you... so, no news is good news!!!
  4. by   mobro
    congrats on taking it!! did you pass?? i took it wednesday and had 75 questions and found out friday that i passed! i feel so much better having gotten that over with!!
  5. by   nursinginga
    Congratulations Mobro!!!! That is awesome. I take mine on July 30th and I cannot wait to get it over with. Good luck to all of those who are getting ready to take the NCLEX and my prayers are with each of us!